fulfill your potential by doing what matters to you

Stop procrastinating on the One Project that you know will shift your life 

Your project makes the world a better place, so does your purchase: we are giving 10% of the revenue for this course to PeopleInNeed to support Ukrainian children and families.  

fulfill your potential | make money doing what you love | feel awesome & energized

Are you tired of procrastinating on that One Thing you think about all the time?

We assume you're doing well:
You have a fairly good job or freelance career  - ✔
People can rely on you  - ✔
Your colleagues or clients are happy with your work  - ✔ 

BUT! a part of you doesn't feel fulfilled.
You're not 100% aligned with your purpose. Maybe you're not even sure what IS your real purpose. And there's this ONE THING that keeps coming back in your mind that lights you up...but you keep postponing it because 

➡you don't have the time
➡you feel lost and don't know where to start
➡what if people don't like it
➡you're afraid it won't work
➡you don't have the support you need

Our proven 3 steps strategy will get you there
profitably, peacefully, playfully!

After years of successful 1-1 coaching we've gathered the best formula to bring your One Thing to the world fast, pain-free and profitably.

Step 1. Get Clarity And Energy on Your One Thing. Step-by-Step exercises will help you to clearly define what you're after and receive in this moment NOW the positive energy that will carry you to its completion.

This will be covered in Modules 0-2 

Step 2. Remove Obstacles to Create Time & Focus. We will work with Anxiety, Doubt, Unhelpful People, Distractions in your life. Together we'll make clear the resistance so you can bring your project to light!

We will work on it in Modules 2-7

Step 3. Enjoy watching your completed project having an impact ...and make money in the process ;)

Modules 8-9 will help you enjoy your wins!

I highly recommend Arnaud to anyone who wants to change up their life or just get some clarity around challenging topics or time. Every session was well organized, and kept me focused, with objectives for achieving my goal(s). Get ready to be inspired!

Alena Miklasova

Thanks to Arnaud I was able to become aware of everything after which I was running, and which was already there. Thank you for this benevolent, fine and intelligent coaching, focused on my writing blockages. 

Marie Combeau

I was worried to spend money on coaching, but after doing the work with David I feel this was the best money I ever spent. I really appreciated that he taught me tools that I can use on my own, and I had a breakthrough when he helped me shift emotions that I previously thought impossible, i.e. anger, fear, self-doubt. I have shifted my energy around money, and as a result, I just started my own business. 

Ivaylo G.

Hi, I'm Arnaud

I've coached and taught more than 200 people and had the joy to help them grow businesses, complete books, develop podcast, get their dream job or the promotion they were after. One life-shifting project I created for myself was setting up a kick-ass band that went on a European tour.

Hi, I'm David

Since 2013, I’ve been helping people live a life closer to their purpose through their inner expansion and external projects. I’ve helped entrepreneurs create business, helped executives shift organizations, helped healers get more clients, and helped people with emotional pain learn techniques to get back to peace. One life-shifting project I created for myself was to shift my internal energy so that I tripled my income from 2020 to 2021, and that same year took a dream trip to Costa Rica for 9 weeks that completely changed my relationship with life.
We all have One Thing in our hearts that we know will shift our life, feel so fulfilling, and impact the world.If you're tired of procrastinating on yours, if you want to stop making excuses and start taking action, we have the right method with a proven track record of results to do so. And we want to help. 

Your Project is Important. Now, in this topsy-turvy world, more than ever. The world is yearning for your project. What are you waiting for?

David is exceptional. He's talented, insightful, and the perfect blend of open and directive. He's been tremendous in helping me see how what I do is different and unique.

Brandon S.

Arnaud is a tremendous coach! He expertly used what I was giving him around my goal of writing for 30 minutes a day and directed that back to me with thought provoking questions and honest insights about what he was sensing. 


I found interacting with David very useful for my professional development. I wish I could have had more time with him. It helped me learn how to understand my own motivations and how to use that to be more effective.

Michael F.

3 levels of support

You're not alone in this, every level you get support by a community of people going after their One Thing, we call them the Makers!

Level 1
Online Academy


for those who like to learn at their own pace

✅online academy (life-time access as the content grows)

✅community support

✅ works as voucher for future coaching*

10% for People In Need to support Ukrainian children 

Level 2
Group Coaching


for those who thrive in a small group achieving together

✅online academy (life-time access as the content grows)

✅community support

✅2 weekly calls available, directly with Arnaud, David & a group of inspiring Makers

✅dedicated accountability coach

✅onboarding 1-1 call with Arnaud to create your 90 Days action plan (value 500eur!)

10% for People In Need to support Ukrainian children 

Level 3
1-1 Coaching


for those who want the fastest results

✅online academy (life-time access as the content grows)

✅community support

✅2 weekly calls available, directly with Arnaud, David & a group of inspiring Makers

✅dedicated accountability coach

✅onboarding 1-1 call with Arnaud to create your 90 Days action plan (value 500eur!)

✅weekly 1-1 call with Arnaud or David


10% for People In Need to support Ukrainian children 

Arnaud really helped me reflect and get more clarity over my life goals. He also helped me to design a detailed plan on how to achieve those goals and helps me stay on track each week. What really stood out for me is that Arnaud is always very careful that each new step accomplished is done with enjoyment, which is something I always struggled with. 


Your [David's] in-person sessions have been f***ing incredible! Thank you for them. One of your sessions opened my throat and I was able to speak differently at work, and another session opened me up to a new opportunity that brought me to LA.

Eric C. 

Arnaud has been great at helping me define better my goals. He listens carefully, seems to have all the right questions. Arnaud is very supportive, always encouraging me to stay on track with my habits and longer-term goals. I couldn’t recommend him enough! :)


The 2 Pieces You Need To Make Your Heart Project Happen and Increase Your Income + How the Group Coaching Works

It's a quick hit of advice for making your project great and more information about the group coaching.


It's natural to have questions before embarking on a new journey.
Here's what others wanted to know before finally completing their One Thing.

We have a proven method to help you realize your project, but you'll still need to put in the work. If you can dedicate 30min a day on average to your project, you'll get results and see massive progress from where you are now in just a few weeks. Progress gives energy. Imagine what it would be like to have the project you know will take you to a new personal situation well underway in a few weeks. If you can put in more time, you'll get faster results.

You get lifetime access to the online academy the moment you sign up and can start immediately. For the Group Coaching you’ll be given times and an online meeting link so you can join a small group of your other intrepid Makers right away. Each group is capped at 12 people. For the 1:1 Coaching, right after you sign up, you will receive a link to schedule your first meeting with your coach.

You get lifetime access to the online academy and the community support, so it never ends #foreveryoung :) Group Coaching and 1-1 Coaching cover a period of 3 months. You’ll be surprised how much can happen in that time. We appreciate people attending Group Coaching after the 3 months and share their success with the new cohort.

It depends on your One Thing, the time you can dedicate to it, and your current stage of progress. Most of our clients see results within the first 24 hours. Early on, we eliminate a lot of limiting beliefs and support you in doing things that scared you in the past. Often, massive results don't take much time, but just take a few scary actions. We help you to identify those and help you take them (then we celebrate your victory together :) 🎉).

Here are our prices in euros:
*Online Academy : 997
*Group Coaching : 2497
*1-1 Coaching : 4497  

We increase our price regularly to reflect the ever-growing value of our Academy (see the next question).  

Because this is more than a course.

Every time we create a new course that can help you realize your project that will shift your life into a new era of what’s possible for you, we add it into the Academy. Courses in the process of being added in the Academy:
*7 Tools for Defining Your Purpose (value 397 eur)
*🌸💸How to let Abundance fill your Life (and your Bank Account) (value 597 eur)
*🗣🙋‍♀️Feel-Good Negotiation that Get Results (clients/raise/promotion/investors/personal...) (value 397 eur)
*🔛🙌How to Make a Decision Even When It's Scary (value 397 eur)
The Academy is an asset that grows in value over time...and you have lifetime access to it!  

The right project will change your life. And change the lives of others. We are on a mission to get people working on their heart project that will challenge them, grow them, completely shift their reality, and lead to a big shift in human reality. For every purchase of our course you are also helping children in Ukraine so they get the best chance to find their life changing projects as well, despite the war.  
We know how the right project can shift your life. It's happened to us and the people we coach. We can't wait to see what happens for you when you do it.  

We want to make it an absolute no-brainer for you to join the course and shift your life through your project. So on top of the massive discount, lifetime access to an academy that grows in value continuously, and an awesome feeling of helping Ukrainian children in need, the price of the course is deducted from your future purchase of coaching services. Woohoo! 

Great! It means you care. Please use this link to get in touch with one of MakerShift team member.

now is the time

We now have one question for you, do you hear the call of growth and adventure that your heart is asking for with the project that is burning inside? What could be more important, more expanding, more rewarding for your life than committing to that?

➡For any heart project, you are never going to feel 100% ready.
➡There is never going to be a 100% perfect time.
➡Your One Thing deserves to be seen and impact the world now.
➡You deserve to fulfill your potential now.
➡You deserve to learn how to clear the resistance and obstacles that are holding you back from your fulfillment.
➡Your help to make the world a better place is needed now.

There will never be a better time to commit to what your heart yearns for you to commit to, and you know it will end up shifting your life.